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So with the tokyo ghoul :re anime coming out, I finally decided to fucking read the damn thing. Because of how horrible RootA was and how weirdly paced everything felt. But I'm real confused right now.

How the fuck do they keep this going for 16 volumes? I'm on volume 7 and it feels like "the end" of the story. Here are some major plot points (in spoiler tags ofc) that get resolved in this volume:
>kaneki has his memories again and becomes himself
>kaneki successfully fights off the one eyed owl takatsuki by himself
>eto reveals to aogiri that she is takatsuki
>takatsuki reveals to the public that she is a ghoul
>we find out who more about "v" and what they plan to do
>revealed that furata is basically the devil and somehow has a hand in every corner of the world, is a half ghoul, is a clown, is the clown who killed rize and moved the story for kaneki, is part of "v", etc etc
>aogiri's main base of operations is found by the ccg and a full assault takes place on the island
>kaneki goes against the ccg and breaks hinami out of prison, ayato, banjou, touka, and yomo all show up too
>everyone sees that kaneki is back
>kaneki faces off against arima
>all those hide panels that made me cry like a bitch
>eto breaks out to fight
>both of these colossal fucking battles taking place like it's the end of the story
>even more that I haven't read yet because im still reading kaneki fighting arima

The only way I can see them possibly moving forward from here is Kaneki single-handedly taking on the entire ccg and "v" by himself.

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Quoted By: >>172429604

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Wow a Tokyo Ghoul thread that doesn't start in one liner bait. Props to you anon. Generally, you've answered yourself and should evacuate in hurry cause you'll be spoiled to no end. Beyond stuff you mentioned, there's still Kanou, Furuta and lots of other stuff to go over. Cochlea is really the restart of the 'proper' story where things hinted or alluded to hitherto finally get a proper push.

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Also cute doll girl

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Ah okay, thanks anon. I was just so perplexed. Everything felt setup like it was some giant finale. All the questions (besides kanou and "v") all being answered in one fell swoop. And the Hide hallucination/dream/motivation panels really made it seem like it was truly the end and then I looked at the volume number and realized I wasn't even halfway through.

I don't post on /a/ often, so I don't know how well it's received here!

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Tokyo Ghoul became too big for itself.

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Quoted By: >>172426101

Because golden week, we will get new chapter faster, right?

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>Kaneki single-handedly taking on the entire ccg and "v" by himself.

ishida didnt go this route because he is a massive faggot and muh tragedy

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I don't think so.

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Why is Rize's kagune so strong? Was she like some living experiment for V and selectively bred to have the most adaptable and strong kagune? Kaneki kicks ass with it, Furata kicks ass with it, the Yasuhisa twins kicked ass with AND were able to fuse together somehow. It's so versatile and strong. Do they ever explain this or is it some plot armor magic?

I mean furata completely destroys eto's kakuja in mere seconds.

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oh boy you are in for a wild ride

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That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Kaneki sort of tries to get the ghouls to coexist with the humans , but it gets them all slaughtered instead. So they move underground, but they get slaughtered there too. Then in an act of desperation he kills a bunch of kids, eats them and turns into a gigantic city devouring kakuja monster. Then Touka goes to save him and pulls him out of the monster and they all welcome him back because they all know that in his heart of hearts, that he din du nuffin.
Also he gets Touka pregnant so he marries her and that's where his motivation for doing pretty much anything since comes from. Being protective of his wife and child. Another thing is now that Touka is carrying the next OEG and it can't inherit the Rize kagune since Kaneki isn't a ghoul genetically, her kagune instead gets a huge boost in power and relevance. It is now the greatest shit ever and her, Ayato and Yomo are some of the strongest fighters around.

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Ok so I understand all the Washuu are ghouls and everything is behind the scenes and "V" experiments on ghouls and all that and the sunlit garden is a place where ghoul/human hybrids are bred to be used for the CCG.

But why? Why do the ghouls want to control the countermeasure for ghouls? Is it just being the big bad for the sake of being the big bad? It doesn't seem like there is any justified reason for this. And why does Furata say it would be bad if "V" knew he was a one eyed ghoul? I thought they were all one eyes and/or like Arima, so why would they care?

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The ghoul ride never stops.

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And wtf kaneki's hair finally turned back to black and now it's white again. Fuck me nigger

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it will all be answered later on.
Basically Washuu want to be humans and they do everything they can to blend into human society. Pure ghouls are looked down on in the family, the more human you have, the better you are. V is a failure to create humanized ghouls. The resulting specimen are defective. V however wants to be ghouls.

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Quoted By: >>172428131

Why is the CCG only based in Japan? It's been established that ghouls are everywhere (well most likely, they were in germany and china too, so I'm sure they have spread and bred all over the world). But the CCG has only focused their attention on Japan and a bit in China. Think there will be a "Los Angeles Ghoul" spin off or something like how Code Geass had their "other side of the world and different story" spin off?

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There will be some crazy plotwist explaining why it only happens in Tokyo.

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Is this what /a/ has come to?
Why are we welcoming newfags?
Fuck off OP go back to wherever the fuck you came from.
Also kaneki and touka fuck and touka gets pregnant with his kid and mutsuki becomes crazy yandere for Kaneki.

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Being a newfag to /a/ is an entirely different thing than being a newfag. No one likes /a/ except the losers that have been sitting here everyday since 2007 talking about which little girl they like the most. Not even anime posters or avid anime watchers that use this site like /a/. It's worse than /pol/. That says a lot, and it shows in your post.

>make thread about topic that doesn't coincide with cirlejerking lolis
>"wtf this isn't my little girl yuri general??? STOP POSTING NEWFAG REEEEE SPOONFEED SPOONFEED SPOILERS REE GET OUT"

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I wish there would be more spoonfeeding summeries like these

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Quoted By: >>172429357

>Touka is carrying the next OEG
It means that after Kaneki got the power of the dragon, he died and his son was the next king.......

>> No.172429357
Quoted By: >>172430086

Dragon is not a power brainlet, it's a collective state of mind, a "world" order". No wonder everyone cries all week about powerlevels.

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Quoted By: >>172429962

You have to go back.

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Quoted By: >>172429787

maybe because newfags are actually better than you wannabes who are too retarded to have a proper discourse. Not against waifufagging and some shitposting every now and then, but you people make this board toxic.

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Have you read the damn thing?

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What I'm curious about is why Kaneki transforms into a gigantic monster, and is apparently 'reborn' as a new entity entirely. I don't think any other Ghoul has gone 'critical mass' like that before, and I'm pretty sure they've eaten more than a hundred people over their lives.

There seems to be a lot of strange beats in the story, like how no-one seems to go "Hey, maybe we should just fucking kill Furuta" even though he's fucking them left and right. This is particularly weird when Furuta escapes from CCG (after being shot multiple times) then leads an attack on the Ghoul hideout in the sewers. What, did nobody call Juuzo and go "Juuzo, Furuta's gone rogue. Find him and kill him, and his unit of creepy children too."?

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This fight is particularly dumb, because Arima keeps giving Kaneki SO MANY CHANCES. I know he wants Kaneki to defeat him, but he's not even fighting seriously.

Also, is Kaneki not remotely concerned about all the people who'll die when Cochlea is breached? I mean, he has friends amongst the investigators too, right? Surely Cochlea has a garrison. Did no one go "Haise, help me, they're eating me, they're fucking eating me helppppp meeeeeeee you bastarrrrdddddd"?

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Quoted By: >>172429797

most of the investigators treated him like shit speedreader.

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Quoted By: >>172429826

Ishida either drops or gives an unsatisfying end to most of the foreshadowed plot threads, i.e. le ebin twist kind. Some characters get a ton of, admittedly good, development but most characters have nothing happen to them and get sidelined completely and/or get ruined by the previously mentioned shit plot twists. Not to mention the fuck-ton of plot armour and shitty end of chapter cliff hangers.
tl;dr The manga out of nowhere goes to complete shit

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>U-uh h-help me i-i'm a n-newfag
Literally being this pathetic.
Lurking is a thing you retard you can easily pick up how 4chan works, and if you even get identified as a newfag it doesn't matter because guess what? you're fucking anonymous on this site.
4chan doesn't spoonfeed you like other sites, you learn through experience.
So, lurk more newfag.

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Quoted By: >>172437207

But Kaneki has always gone out of his way to ensure that no humans get killed. The Ogoi were the first human beings (Well, for a certain value of 'human') that he killed. It's weird that this didn't seem to trouble his conscience at all, especially since all the really dangerous psychopaths were escaping.

>> No.172429816

New bread found.

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Quoted By: >>172430079

>I can't understand it with my shounen only brain
>It's now shit
Ok anon.

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a Tokyo Ghoul thread without clowns? I'm disappointed. this series has reached a point where discussion about the manga itself is not enjoyable anymore. watching the anime adaptation at the same time pains me physically

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Quoted By: >>172430090

back to the past with samurai jack.

>> No.172430046

It really pissed me off that they never really explored this in the manga because they never brought any named investigators into conflict with him apart from, Mougan Aura and Suzuya, all of whom had off screen fights

>> No.172430079

Not that guy, but there are so many moments that are just weird. Amon coming back damaged, then 'dying' and coming back AGAIN as the incredible Hulk is really strange. Akira suddenly jumping in front of Takizawa to take a bullet for him (when she'd been actively trying to kill him mere moments ago) is weird, just like Takizawa murdering investigations, then abruptly going "Look, Houji! I killed that one guy you hated! Can't we be friends again?"

Oh, and then you have Shiro / Kuro going from murderous psychopath to "It's cool, I can work with Goat without flying off the handle." Or everything about Tsukiyama, from "Oh shit, my father's dead. I know Haise's Kaneki, but it doesn't matter now, my obsession has hurt those I love. It's time to grow up" to "Oh, daddy just punched his way out of the trap. Okay then, I guess all this was a false alarm."

>> No.172430086

I mean, how he died when he can heal himself very fast now.The truth is, I think touka will die in the end.

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That's the point, can't you realize it for totally out of place panels and complete pages? IT"S INTENTIONAL.

>> No.172430208


Actually, here's one more thing that's worth mentioning. How the hell did Kanou survive this long? I assume he restrained them or whatever when turning them into half-Ghouls, but he doesn't have any mental control over them. More, the half-Ghoul 'Owls' are monstrously powerful!

What stopped Takizawa from going "Hey, I really fucking hate you. I think I'm going to eat you raw and screaming" then just going back to CCG? Amon seems like the kind of guy to flagellate himself, good Catholic boy that he is, but literally nothing stops you from ripping apart everyone else with your new powers then turning yourself in.

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No, you fag. He's right. Helping a newfag is a billion times better than endless be the.. become and clownposting. I've had enough of you cunts. If I see any of you IRL I will unironically wring your necks.

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Quoted By: >>172432926

I don't know how you can stand reading it, the artstyle looks like unfinished sketches

>> No.172432907
Quoted By: >>172433531

>Helping a newfag
Whatever you say is irrelevant from this point on.
>If I see any of you IRL I will unironically wring your necks.
Yeah if you ever leave your moms basement.

>> No.172432926

Redrawers rush to chapter to put it out earlier. Wait for HQ scans.

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Is it me or has Ishida's art degraded over the years? I really enjoyed the clean art he had in the beginning like pic. related, now it all looks like a mess

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Quoted By: >>172434064

fuck off. Nothing is more annoying than the "experienced" 4chan pol tards.

>> No.172433592

He stopped caring cause he realized no matter he put out, it'd still sell 3 million copies easily

>> No.172433596

he's clearly aiming for muh art, and doing some mental gymnastics when drawing. less focus on story has probably been a side effect of his retarded decision to put more emphasize on drawing

>> No.172434064

You have to be severely autistic to not know how to use a site and not know what content belongs there.
This isn't fucking daycare use your damn mind.

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Quoted By: >>172434877

Is :re going to be worse than Root A? It seems to be going that way.

>> No.172434877

The animation is far worse, not even kidding, but Root A had literally no plot. It was just pointless filler, Kaneki getting his kakuja and then the Anteiku raid.

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Quoted By: >>172436128

The art in the original also looked shit at times, but on average it's probably better.
I wouldn't mind even bi-weekly chapters if the art were consistently as good and clean as in the chapter one re-draw.

>> No.172436119

Re is shit after Cochlea, just stop reading after that.

>> No.172436128
Quoted By: >>172436757

It's literally niggerstream or Jewbox shit redraws/scans.

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Quoted By: >>172436315

I watched Tokyo Ghoul, should i read the manga? I kinda want to, but i don't want to if everything is exactly the same.

>> No.172436315

Root A is literally non-canon. Read the original from chapter 67 onward and never touch :re.

>> No.172436757

But the original chapter is better

>> No.172437207
Quoted By: >>172438387

This is aluded to at some points. He mentions putting up a front of protecting people and pretending to care, but at the core, he only cares about people close to him.

Another thing that is alluded to is that despite being the “king” and hope for ghouls, he had no moral qualms about killing ghouls, yet he made a point to not kill any humans even in self defense. He shrouded this weakness and moral hypocrisy in a so-called strategy, that if they kill humans that humans will only see ghouls as man eating monsters, ignoring ignoring the fact that it’s already the norm.

>> No.172438387
Quoted By: >>172439523


>> No.172439372

Arima kills himself and Kaneki decides to make his ghoul followers go all pacifist vegetarian.

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>> No.172439523

Not maybe, he outright states that to Nishiki.

“I really only care about those close to me, and it just so happens they are ghouls.”

>> No.172439526


Senju (Washuu) DNA

>> No.172439633
Quoted By: >>172439688

Honestly, the manga pretty much ended after Eto was defeated. Whatever it became after that, it's not Tokyo Ghoul.

>> No.172439688

Which time? Kaneki or Furuta?

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>68 Replies
And no THAT word yet...? Hmm, is there still hope for these threads? Or... have i just jinxed it by praising it too early?

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give us spooky Takkun again

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>> No.172440283

On a side note, where do you guys get your scans?
I keep realizing I’ve been reading some pretty shit translations and the dialogue being posted is much easier to understand.

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First spoiler of the night.

>> No.172440356
Quoted By: >>172440478

No dumbshit. It just depends on the effort or time he puts into it sense the Tower ETO fight was drawn better than any of the first part and even the dragon scenes and the Talker chapter had great art

>> No.172440478

Fuck I'm out of it

>> No.172440657

From my dad haha

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File: 376KiB, 2074x857, TGre Volume 14 full cover.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Twisted Hel and DYS. Here my friend.



Would be nice if DYS would update the imgur album with the HQ chapters.
Also, does anyone have the full cover of volume 15, like pic related?

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>> No.172442049
File: 1MiB, 800x1210, raaaaaaw.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You can find all of his HQ updates here:
Unless you're talking raws like my pic related. KEK!

>> No.172442123

Thank you kind person

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File: 1MiB, 800x1210, Ilurkheretoo.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You aren't only one who 'members THAT link to the ALBUM, HQ fag.

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File: 65KiB, 900x506, psst.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>172442992

>You aren't only one who 'members THAT link to the ALBUM

>> No.172442713
Quoted By: >>172443080

Don't be cunts and give all of us the link to that shit!!

>> No.172442992 [DELETED]

Now, now, anon. (You) should have lurked more to know it then.
But, since I'm very nice /a/non, I'll give you a push:
Now, use your wizard skills 4chan taught you so far to try and uncover location of its entire album.

>> No.172443080

Now, now, anon. (You) should have lurked more to know it then.
But, since I'm very nice /a/non, I'll give you a push:
Now, use your wizard skills 4chan taught you so far to try and uncover location of its entire album.

Pro-tip: You just need to be fag with sufficient IQ to know how to read.

>> No.172443288
Quoted By: >>172443564

>read user which uploaded pics
>(type in username in url).imgur.com
I ain't retard.
Thanks for providing me link anyway.

So there is since 145 up to 169 from what I'm seeing here.
Got more links to earlier raws?

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File: 230KiB, 540x587, 1457786048294.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thanks, mate.

>> No.172443564

You can find raws from 1 to 98 here to download:
Sadly, I got no clue where you can find HQ raws past 98 and earlier from 145. These are links I got from lurking here so far.

>> No.172443740
Quoted By: >>172444117

Thanks you gorgeous anon!

For those who can't figure it out.

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>> No.172444042

I buy the manga, since it's published in my country IRT.

>> No.172444117

THANK YOU!!! This fag also appreciates it.

>> No.172446312

OP's post has nothing to do with being a newfag though. There wasn't a tokyo ghoul thread, so he started one and asked a singular question about where the story was going to go. What about his post is in any way newfag at all? You sound like a petulant child.

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