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I wish they didn't.

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cus its good

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>has character development
>well written villains with reasonable intentions
>good art
>easy to self-insert to the MC
>only 1-2 asspulls which didn‘t hurt the story that much
>good fighting choreography
>unique power system

probably missed few points, but this is honestly not a bad series and only reasonable why normies are attracted to it

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>well written villains
haha nice joke

they're all shit

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Why do you retards keep making threads trying to shit on them if the only things you accomplish is giving them more and more places to congregate in? I swear you autist create up to 4 simultaneous mha threads on the catalog and then start whining about there being so much herofaggotry

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It's fun and bridges the gap between anime and is familiar enough like DBZ to have the potential to bridge the west with the east.

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It's like Naruto without all the deep emotional issues so the characters feel like normalfags who normalfags relate to more and the drama all stem from the characters overreacting to shallow problems just like the normalfags.

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I don't know, you tell me, you're one of them.

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>Speaking as if he himself isnt a normalfag like every other eternalsummerposter

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No cape!!But All might looks like the ripoff of Mr.Incredible+Trump.

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Because shonens always have normies in their fanbases

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what the fuck are the villain's aims? been reading this shit for 5 years and i still don't know what shigaraki wants to do apart from kill heroes

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Remember how Naruto was YOUR gateway shonen anime in the early 00? Or Dragon Ball back in the nineties? Well, this is the gateway anime for the current generation.

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you might as well have asked 'why do normies love this show this much' about Naruto a decade ago

same shit different decade

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Why do normies love Naruto so much again.

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>5 years
But the manga became 4 years old in July

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okay 4 years then

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Oh boya

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>admitting you're a normie
Why are there so many underage retards on this board?

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my normie gf loves it too
i don't know i love more intellectual animes

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>this entire thread
Why the fuck is everyone just using this word unironically? Are there that many degenerates on /a/?

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Because of the well earned reputation back when anime fans used to care about quality. Anime connoisseurs found the series and spread the love, then the mainstream audience followed the hype even though they hardly understand the series.

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>well written villains with reasonable intentions
Literally who.

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>posts on /a/
Are herofags this delusional that they pretend to have gfs?

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Second episode had some crying moment so it's easy to assume it's going to be deep. There are some good character moments here and there. It's mostly ehh. No overarching plot. Slice of life is good but rarer than it should be if that's the focus.

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>who is stain

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>throwing a tantrum and killing people because they used a word wrong
People still think this shit is good?

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looks like the plebfilter worked

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>No, I don't care that Hero has had its meaning altered in the last hundred years to mean 'private riot cop', I'm going to kill everyone not up to my autistic standards
>And everyone is going to take my opinions seriously!


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>people don't like it so it must be a pleb filter
Mars of Destruction is the ultimate pleb filter.

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>getting on the strain train just because the show literally TELLS you that you're supposed to think about him that way
He could've been a perfect hero with that power if he wasn't a sperg. Only needs to damage a villain once to immobilize it and hand it to the police, not even murder is necessary. that's how you change the hero society. You lead by example. Just because someone is insane, that doesn't make them a "well written character". Especially not when the writing involves highschool tier edge. He's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tier villain.

And if he's your good example, on the other end of the river we have stock shit like Magnet, Magician, Stock Deadpool, Zombieman, Super Yandere Girl, and Reptile-Man the Actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. All of them literally "aesthetics: the character".

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Its literally r3ddit on wheels, delivering a shitful of anushole chunkies directly into your mouth.

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>Fag speaking as if he didnt come from reddit himself

Why isnt 4chan dead yet if its just anonymous reddit at this point? Its just sad to look at his actual state

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>And everyone is going to take my opinions seriously!
Sad thing is everyone in the show did.

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It must be an autist thing to not be able to understand that people are going to like different things than you.

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>admiting your a contrarian
must suck to hate every thing

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This is 4chan anon, we only sell autism and autism accessories

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>pic not related

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Good tastes
My chad normie friend recommended it to me and I thought it would be shit but I'd been pleasantly surprised
it strongest point is that all girls are best girls

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Where are all these Stain haters coming from? Couldn't everyone see he's a complex revolutionary villain?

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Honestly my mha academia is a mix of all the greatest shonen but without the respective authors' mistakes. A few more arcs and it will truly be at the top.

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Then where's the character drama like we had with Naruto, HxH, One Piece etc?

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I don't care for the heroes at all, I just want the villains to succeed.

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>all heroes should only be heroes for the sake of saving people and helping society, not for money
That's great and all, but he's apparently too retarded to figure out that if heroes didn't get paid for their hero work there wouldn't be any heroes on the street, they would be working in an office from 9 to 5 to pay for rent and food.
What stain really is saying is that he wants villains to run rampant without anyone stopping them.

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Because they see it similar to Marvel and DC comics and movies.

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>generic character development
>Villain + reasonable intention= lol wut?
>art around standard budget
>self insert to a MC of a shounen HAHAHAHHA
>1 or 2 asspulls so far
>standard fighting choreo
>unique power system? literaly how?

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It comes off as a deconstruction of the superhero genre to normalfags

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>but without the respective authors' mistakes

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At this point, I just enjoy shitting on this garbage series and its retarded fanbase that act like spergy twelve year olds autistically screeching everytime someone dares to criticize their beloved first anime.
I'm done trying to reason with those retards. How is this crap allowed on /a/ is beyond me.
You can like whatever turd you want. That's not my business. But when you can't properly act like a fucking human being, now that I have a problem with. Go back to facebook.

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Normies love generic shounen.

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Wait you think you aren't acting like a twelve year old?

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t. edgy

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The hamfisted ways in which those mangas dealt with drama was one of the worst parts of each of them

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this + shonenshit. it would be weird if it wasn't popular.

>> No.178378291

You can't honestly think "Bakugou getting his dick sucked by everyone and throwing a tantrum when they stop" is actually better than "Killua wanting freedom to have fun like a regular kid after a life focusing on assassin training".

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>has character development
Name one (1) character with good character development
>well written villains with reasonable intentions
All the villains are shit
>>good art
>easy to self-insert to the MC
For cucks
>only 1-2 asspulls which didn‘t hurt the story that much
Eri did
>good fighting choreography
Hori can't draw a decent fight to save his life
>unique power system
Most boring system power

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>Shits of fags for whining about their anime
>Whines about fags not "acting like a properly act like a fucking human being"

The fucking irony of these kind of triggered tards gets me every time

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The better question is why do you care? You are proof that /a/ will hate anything that is popular.

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Mainly the characters, they seem so attached to them and woman eat this show like hotcakes

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What the fuck are you even defining drama as? Drama is when Bakugo started the "Buh allmight retirement is my fault" or every time Kurapika spergs because "SPIDERS!" and both are utterly trash because for the most part japanese suck writting drama because most times comes off as exaggerated, the fucking best drama of any of these series was Gon being cold as fuck against Pitou and Togashi blowed it when he made him start crying and edgily monologuing about "Ur dur it dusnt matter any more gonna fist yu face Pitou"

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I for one welcome our new underage immigrants
School vacation is a wonderful thing
>you only hate it cause it's popular!!11!1!1
>muh /a/ hivemind
You'd do better having a discussion about this shonenshit in MAL

>> No.178378485

Leave, normalfag.

>> No.178378496

You are one of them, normalfag.

>> No.178378627

Anon theres no school vacations right now, is the eternal summer, it has been so for years and it will be so until this place shut down.

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underage autists pls leave

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Well fuck me, I don't remember even /v/ being this annoying. Lots of shitposting, but I could still have fun. This is just pure cringe and autism.

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>First lines are "not all men are created equal"
>MC is a crybaby with no confidence due to being raised by a single mother
>Unlike other shows it makes it clear that hard work and belief isn't enough, you need an amazing quirk courtesy of genetics, some people are destined to be losers
>eugenics is basically praised in the form of todoroki
>MC only starts winning at life once an alpha male takes him under his wing
>Top hero is a blonde haired blue eyed ubermensch
>Tranny Magne gets killed by the villain obsessed with curing sickness
This show is a redpill factory and arguably pure fascist propaganda since the whole world is basically might makes right and survival of the fittest, hence why quirkless people have basically disappeared in younger generations.

>> No.178379172

based, spread the truth brother, maybe we can make normies stop watching the show and get it axed

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Normalfags love capeshit. I don't get it either.

>> No.178379322

I doubt theyll listen, friend of mine cried at the first episode saying it was so touching and emotional

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>this post is 100% correct
>it's why the series is still popular
>/a/ will still disagree
I miss the comfy BnHA threads before it became popular and the contrarianism kicked in

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>deku is raised by a single mom
>complete embarrassment
>does nothing to achieve his dreams
>never exercises his body
>the second meets a strong male role model he is able to work towards his dreams with the guidance of a father figure
god damn /a/ is full of brainlets

>> No.178379467

>The virgin japanese highschooler vs The Chad American Patriot
I know All Might is not american. You can stop your spergery now anon-kun

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you know nothing of chads

>> No.178379554

Normie = 8 yo kid

When will you realize that you aren't the demographic they were aiming for, you manchild?

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Hori's smart and subtle with it. He's subconsciously pushing redpills into normie brains and making millions doing it.
The popularity of 'dadmight' on Tumblr and reddit is pretty telling, the west is basically starved for masculinity and they are subconsciously seeking it out.

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>The popularity of 'dadmight' on Tumblr and reddit is pretty telling, the west is basically starved for masculinity and they are subconsciously seeking it out.
not just the west, also Japan and Korea. Just look at their pop culture and movies. Their boy band members look like girls

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Fuck off pedo, no one wants to talk about your dead shit.

>> No.178379866

>>good fighting choreography
Means literally nothing. What makes a good fight scene is the realization and actualisation of characters, having the fights really mean something to the story at large. The characters that enter the fight, exit it changed some way

In the anime, season one was filled with these, and that's why it was good.

Season two tuned it down but there's still some of them.

Haven't seen season 3 yet but from what I heard, these types of fights are practically non-existent

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Quoted By: >>178382640

>>complex revolutionary villain
If Stain had it his way, Endeavor wouldn't be a hero and the city would have been destroyed by Nomu while he spouted his nonsense.
>actively disincentize people from becoming heroes
>start a movement of villains
I'm sure the world will really improve when the 10 people who're willing to be heroes for free while working at Walmart are all that's protecting the city from super villains.

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>100000000% percent United States of America punch
can it get more ridiculous?

>> No.178379948

The fuck is that shit?

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Quoted By: >>178380130

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Quoted By: >>178380097


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File: 1MiB, 2688x1648, learn the difference(fixed).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

That's the outdated version, please post the fixed chart.

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built for BBC

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Quoted By: >>178380203

And what? Is bad for humanity? Is bad for americacunt economy? Or is bad for your bain people like it? Or is actually can destroy weeaboos dream?

My opinon it only shonen manga and i read it for entertainment only and i still love my normal life

>> No.178380203

pedro you're gonna be late for school

>> No.178380314
Quoted By: >>178382640

Reminder only reatrd like, read and watch boku no garbage academia

>> No.178380338

He retard dont reply him 4chan are not place for normie

>> No.178380363
Quoted By: >>178382640

You must be 18 years or older post on 4chan, so it's valid to ask this to the board.
Why is /a/ filled with manchildren who like this shit?

>> No.178380405
Quoted By: >>178382640

>Haven't seen season 3 yet but from what I heard, these types of fights are practically non-existent
you fell for memes then, season 3 is the epitome of low choreography but unbelievably impactful for both the characters and the story. To the point that people call the third season the "most boring" because they just like shonen for the fights

>> No.178380434

it's what people say when they are insecure about liking comics and cartoons for children, they try to act like it's more mature than it is

>> No.178380482

But only manchild read shonen

>> No.178380490
Quoted By: >>178382640

nomalfags eat up capeshit

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Quoted By: >>178382640

>main character doesn't have a crush
>instead he is crushed on
>but he has a genuine friendship build with said person
>friendship is based on respect, trust, and a set of shared values
>crush never derails the plot
I unironically love this ship for how vanilla and wholesome it is

>> No.178380548
Quoted By: >>178382640

insecure manchildren

>> No.178380560

This is a shit OP but I really didn't get the appeal.
It seems like a pretty generic shounen all-round. No new story-line, no special powers, no new setting.
Is it the new gateway show for people new to anime?

>> No.178380578
Quoted By: >>178382640

Because they are love garbage unlike us

>> No.178380612
Quoted By: >>178382640

It capeshit and shonen who will hate those right now

>> No.178380708

Only milenial love it oldfag hate it because it bring retard to animefag

>> No.178380718
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Quoted By: >>178382640

>oldfag hate it because it bring retard to animefag

>> No.178381028

Fuck off my board you disgusting fucking nigger onions-filled reddit user.

>> No.178381048
Quoted By: >>178382640

but.... gatekeeping...

>> No.178381062
Quoted By: >>178382640

Burn you retarded nigger faggot.

>> No.178381087
Quoted By: >>178382640

Wow butthurt Mod's wodfiltered

The absolute state of this fucking board.

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Quoted By: >>178382640


>> No.178381135

Anyone who posted in this thread for any purpose other than telling OP to fuck off, should be banned. Normal Spic Nigger Faggots

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Quoted By: >>178382640

>Normal Spic Nigger Faggots

>> No.178381520

>unique power system
Anon, there are no rules or guidelines to quirks, they just exist and give people random powers. There is no system there. You can swap "quirks" with "devil fruits" for all that matter and not much would change

>> No.178381562

why do you fucking care about what others like?

>> No.178381639
File: 42KiB, 463x333, 1534686268294.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>178384208

>he thinks a power system is better if it can be made into a stupid graph

>> No.178381651
File: 181KiB, 270x348, 1537382973959.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why do you care about what other people don't like

Now you respond with >why do you care about me caring about someone not like something

>> No.178381822
Quoted By: >>178382640

Because shonentard care, it they soul for like or hate shonen series other people like or hate

>> No.178382640 [DELETED]

>Humoring, and even outright using the word "Normie"
Based posters who belongs on /a/

>> No.178382719
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>> No.178382758

that's a big Yikes right there

>> No.178382826

DF are more codified than quirks though.

>> No.178382853

kek art

>> No.178382876
File: 16KiB, 379x245, 1507393980959.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

why are you such a disappointment?

>> No.178382997

You're doing God's work anon. Also, I'm stealing that vid.

>> No.178383251
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based and normalpilled

>> No.178383511

it's for normies

>> No.178383532
Quoted By: >>178383702

lol who cares

>> No.178383579

shut the fuck up normie

>> No.178383702
Quoted By: >>178383756

Statistically looking at his post, the last 10% of actual /a/ left on this board cares.

>> No.178383756
Quoted By: >>178383896

sorry if people like to discuss things a little bit instead of jumping on your shitty meme

>> No.178383896
Quoted By: >>178383932

If maintaining the board culture doesn't matter to you, and the use of the word normie doesn't bother you. Then why are you discussing anime here rather than reddit? I'm genuinely asking, don't respond with something unrelated to the question. Tell me why you like 4Chan better than Reddit, or do you just want to be an immigrant invading our board for our content, without adopting the culture?

>> No.178383932

i like to be anonymous
other people will just do your shit for me

>> No.178384058

>TFW this one post managed to stop ALL discussion in this thread.

>> No.178384109
Quoted By: >>178384159

If you like to be anonymous why do you blatantly show everyone that you have 85 IQ probably subhuman that doesn't care about board culture and proper grammar rules. That isn't very anonymous as everyone will instantly recognize you.

>> No.178384124

Would it really kill you to type ">normies" before continuing on with your discussion. Only you can prevent forest fires, and we have quite the raging wildfire of resistors on the board atm.

>> No.178384159
Quoted By: >>178384322

>85 IQ
>proper grammar rules
i'm just lazy like a lot of other people
gimme a break dude

>> No.178384208

>hating on radar charts

>> No.178384322
Quoted By: >>178384405

This website, or at the very least, board isn't for you. If you don't try to adapt to the board culture and rules you will get called out here all the time. Shape the fuck up you fucking retard and take a shower.

>> No.178384363
Quoted By: >>178384674

HOLY SHIT. Mods deleted the post. I'd love to hear what their rational was for banning him. The only thing they could have deleted it for is "low quality post" which is ironic considering his entire post was doing nothing but identifying low quality posts. The absolute state of /a/. Its always amazing when I feel brave enough to see the state of this site, back to the other various /a/'s enjoy your Reddit Mods (proven resistors from discord leaks look it up if you need any more proof after this)

>> No.178384405

make me
you won't force your "board culture"/autism on everyone
not everyone care about your low quality posts

>> No.178384440

Cape & shit.

>> No.178384446
Quoted By: >>178384487

>Calling someone on /a/ autistic
At least lurk first faggot

>> No.178384487

>reading comprehension
i didn't said he was especially autistic, i said to not force his own autism on me, there are differents kind of autism

>> No.178384591
Quoted By: >>178384646

You will adapt or leave soon enough anyway. Your type will not last long here when you venture out of the shonen threads anyway.

>> No.178384599
File: 8KiB, 1127x79, newfag menace.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>178384808

Look faggot, you're new, so you simply don't understand how things go if it's not stopped.Which is why we are trying to educate you, because even as faggy as you are, deep down you must like this place somewhat. If you like it somewhat, then even you must want it to exist, but if you don't shape us and help us stop this, pic related is the future of this site.

>> No.178384612

Because it isn't made for incels like most of the other anime out there

>> No.178384646

Meant to quote.

>> No.178384674

You're right, mods deleted it for being low quality post. I always thought the "Mods on /a/ use Reddit" was a meme, but I'm convinced after this + the word filter. At least we havve pigpen and Madokas home.

>> No.178384699

He’s a discount Garou who cane after him

>> No.178384804
Quoted By: >>178385014

Because its good

>> No.178384808


>> No.178384880

why do you love normies so much?

>> No.178385014


>> No.178385059

>>/a/ will still disagree
Apparently disagreeing is all /a/ is good at so I'm not surprised.

>> No.178385139

>complex revolutionary villain
>shows up
>spouts a dumbed down version of Garou's speeches
>gets defeated by kids

>> No.178385151

Same reasons /a/ likes it but pretends not to like because it got popular.

>> No.178385905
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>Imagine being so angry about something that you shitpost it 24/7

>> No.178386038

Because it rescues the sincere approach to super heroes instead of the west's tired, postmodern "lets deconstruct everything" way.

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