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>> No.187918183

does she have my pizza?

>> No.187918192

I specifically requested Illya.

>> No.187918227

Give her back and request one that isn't burnt

>> No.187918443

thanks for letting her in kuro

>> No.187918462

What's a good place to take Kuro on a date?

>> No.187918588
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>> No.187918616
Quoted By: >>187919915

Nice to meet your daughter, now let's go

>> No.187918658

Pound Town?

>> No.187918697

my dick

>> No.187918708
Quoted By: >>187919507

An ice cream parlor

>> No.187918818

Thanks okasan

>> No.187919099

>mother whores out her daughters
Best trope.

>> No.187919246

An all-hours public bathroom full of fat old men.

>> No.187919295

Excuse me, I ordered Neapolitan

>> No.187919304

Pen Island

>> No.187919364
Quoted By: >>187919479

Ah thats hot

>> No.187919395
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patrician's taste

>> No.187919449
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Iri only whores out Shirou

>> No.187919479

Will Smith you shouldn't be posting here

>> No.187919487
Quoted By: >>187919915

Kuro is so cute here holy shit, I would scoop her up and take her out for icecream

>> No.187919494

But that's your mother... well, ok.

>> No.187919507

Best answer so far. Also the zoo or take her to see a movie.

>> No.187919511
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>mother whores out her daughters
No doujins
>Father creates her daughters and then breeds them
No doujins

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>> No.187919627

Someone draw me stacked MILF Kuro with the deadmom hairstyle.

>> No.187919685

So brown Sella with tits?

>> No.187919713

Huh where’s miyu?

>> No.187919849

Or brown Leysritt with different hair.

>> No.187919914

My dick sitter Sella is so cute

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>> No.187919919

On my dick.

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>> No.187920007 [DELETED]
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>> No.187920084
Quoted By: >>187920190

Excuse me! I only said she was cute and I'd take her out for ice cream. Nothing lewd, only wholesome ice cream for a good girl like Kuro, because people like ice cream.

(None of that lewd popsicle shit either)

Illya can come too if she'd like.

>> No.187920086

You want 9fag, zoomers.

>> No.187920133
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>ha ha ha...that won't fit.

>> No.187920190

ok fine, not cringe, but only if you bring home some ice cream for irisviel too

>> No.187920223
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>sexualizing kaleids
Loli should be bannable offense

>> No.187920279
Quoted By: >>187920568

You have to go back.

>> No.187920292

All the way to Avalon.

>> No.187920323
Quoted By: >>187921700

no doujins of prisma maybe... but unrelated to the series there are a few of mother whoring daughter/s

>> No.187920350
Quoted By: >>187920568

You have to get naked

>> No.187920464

Kuro should let her hair loose more often

>> No.187920568
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This why we cant have nice things, try cripplechan or /b/ next time.

>> No.187920586

You HAVE to go back.

>> No.187920595
Quoted By: >>187921474

>This why we cant have nice things
What are you on about? It's a fucking cartoon.

>> No.187920946

>What's a good place to take Kuro on a date?

lol u tk her 2da bar|?

>> No.187920987

What does the same show?

>> No.187921353

>not taking both out on a date

>> No.187921474
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>> No.187921584
Quoted By: >>187922086

>mfw the studio sexualized the kaleids
>now the canon says that illya is quite puffy down there.

>> No.187921609

I'd rather have irisveiel desu

>> No.187921700
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f... for example?

>> No.187921803

>Delicious brown
>That voice

Muh dick

>> No.187922086

What part?

>> No.187922350

based and iripilled

>> No.187922830
Quoted By: >>187927496

Why is Kuro brown again? If we didn’t see how she was created you’d think the logical conclusion is that Iri got blacked

>> No.187922915
Quoted By: >>187922939

Why did my date bring her blacked daughter with her?

>> No.187922939

Maybe she want you to show her the ropes you know.

>> No.187923121
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I want to spoil Kuro. She is a miracle of the universe and her redemption arc is unironically the most kino moment in all of Prisma.

>> No.187923247

High IQ post

>> No.187923398

Mizuryu Kei Land.

>> No.187923572
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But anime is literally just Japanese cartoons
Hell, the name "anime" is short for animation
Are you upset that people are referring to anime by what it technically is?

>> No.187923634

based fuck pedos

>> No.187923674
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I'm more intro adult women or milfs and not into little children

>> No.187923875
Quoted By: >>187923996

How do I convince Kuro to sleep with me?

>> No.187923904
Quoted By: >>187924035

There's a special place in hell for you

>> No.187923983

"Mother are you implying I would date a brownskin? How preposterous, get out of my sight harlot, before I make you disappear! - unsheathes katana-

>> No.187923996
Quoted By: >>187924097

Depends anon, are you Emiya Shirou?

>> No.187924035
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Thank you!

>> No.187924046

Anywhere with ample room. I want to be able to pick her up, toss her in the air, catch her, and repeat.

>> No.187924097
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>> No.187924128

Did Shirou fuck her cunny?

>> No.187924141
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I want to marry Illya!

>> No.187924158


>> No.187924305

Well then, tell her you love her and wish to sleep with her. After some embarrassed blubbering on her part she'll probably take you up on the offer with glee!

Happy courting, Shirou-Anon!

>> No.187925619

Sometimes you just have to rip Miyu's clothes off and just fuck the shit out of her.

>> No.187925668

Kuro pls

>> No.187925699

How often?

>> No.187925703

holy fucking kek

>> No.187925706

Only sometimes?

>> No.187925798
Quoted By: >>187926390

what is happening here

>> No.187925833

thank you

>> No.187925886
Quoted By: >>187926958

I'm literally old enough to be her father though.

>> No.187925942

She's speaking to Kuro, who is Anon (you).
Her date is another person viewing this thread.

>> No.187926018

a-are you saying we are illya?

>> No.187926208

My wife Kuro is so cute.

>> No.187926236

you must go back child

>> No.187926335

Try 198132 on nhentai

>> No.187926358

Love Hotel

>> No.187926390

Dr Gil putting his medical license to good use

>> No.187926428

>they take her to the public bathhouse and treat her like a princess
>Kuro spends an hour talking with all of them about their problems with their daughters and granddaughters, improving their lives and the lives of their families with her suggestions

>> No.187926468

whats that number for and is nhentai safe?

>> No.187926543

>this new

>> No.187926577
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>> No.187926597
Quoted By: >>187928697

thats probably where you belong if you think someone not knowing some dumb meme should go there

>> No.187926637 [DELETED]
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>"Hello Kuro-chan, shall we goin?"

>> No.187926639
Quoted By: >>187926687

But Kuro would just recommend them to fuck their granddaughters.

>> No.187926646

it's got popups. I think ublock takes care of it.

>> No.187926659

Someplace where we can evade taxes together

>> No.187926674


>> No.187926687

Yes, that would improve their lives. Kuro would encourage about two dozen men to rape.

>> No.187926692


Thailand or Eastern Europe.

>> No.187926958

She is into that

>> No.187927175

too old

>> No.187927355

Reminder that deep down Kuro is a pure maiden. She uses the most conservative and inefficient method of obtaining mana that she needs to live and has blushed when confronted before.

>> No.187927496

She incorporated the Archer class card whom emulated EMIYArcher. He’s brown due to mana poisoning or something like that.

>> No.187927552

Chuckie Cheese, kids love that place.

>> No.187927604

I only date whites, no offence.

>> No.187927624

Kuro a shit

>> No.187927652
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Holy fuck anon I was just reading the chapter where this is showcased to post as proof.

She really is such a misunderstood girl.

Ps: I know you meant to say efficient.

>> No.187927708

IQ 200 post

>> No.187927711
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Duh, Kuro is outward lewd but pure on the inside.
Illya acts pure outwardly but is incredibly lewd on the inside.

>> No.187927782

butter baste

>> No.187927905
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She also isn't interested in doing anything with strangers, let alone sweaty middle-aged men.

>>187926428 honestly had the more accurate take on these scenarios. (More likely she'd scold the men and cause them to rethink their life choices)

Ahhh Kuro really is the best.

There's a beast hidden within Illya, and it's quite frightful.

>> No.187928697

>ehentai for retards/normalfaggots

>> No.187928755


>> No.187928847

Yes, cheese pizza

>> No.187929343

we need a edit with the terry a davis about the 45

>> No.187929418
Quoted By: >>187930094

Illya is a rapist. Males, females, balding old fatmen. It doesn't matter she wants to desperately fuck everything.

>> No.187929489
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>> No.187930094

She's 11.

>> No.187930196

Thats why she gets away with it

>> No.187930231

On the Richter scale

>> No.187931050

just fapped to this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2drmzgoi6y07ga/PrillyaGame-Lewd-0.2-pc.zip?dl=0
Is there any more godtier games like this one?

>> No.187931636
File: 504KiB, 986x975, 20190506_172043.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Here's something to put things into perspective:

Illya only *THINKS* she's 11. Her body however, knows the truth, though this does cause slight dissonance between her thoughts, and body. Hence unexpected fetish switches for maids, and pining for her onii-chan.

See? A perfect handwave!

>> No.187931720

well well.

>> No.187931817

niceu baito

>> No.187933024

Rough anal with Kuro!

>> No.187933684

>Sexy as hell game, ready to fap all night
>Its actually had barely any of the planned features added
Kuro naizuri though, so 10/10

>> No.187933741

What the fuck are you doing, you lunatic!

>> No.187933944

Bring me taiga!

>> No.187934101

She's 11 in hexadecimal, so legal in my state.

>> No.187934133
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Quoted By: >>187934227

Don't worry guys, I've got this!

>> No.187934227

Could all the kings men put illya back together again?

>> No.187934294

holy shit based

>> No.187934561
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Can we just skip straight to marriage?

>> No.187934951


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>> No.187935137
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, [Tsundere] Fate Kaleid Prisma Illya 2wei - 06 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][C58F54B7].mkv_snapshot_20.41_[2015.07.19_16.56.44].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She's so cute!!!

>> No.187935152
Quoted By: >>187935224

You can't marry little brown girls

>> No.187935224

but they're the best so yes you can

>> No.187935248

thanks lad

>> No.187935259

My daughter wife Kuro is cute and smushy.

>> No.187935283


>> No.187935349

This is probably the first time i see Kuro in a non-lewd way.

>> No.187935416
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What say we dispense with the formalities and get straight to the fuckin', sweetheart

>> No.187935811

is this fake?

>> No.187936181
Quoted By: >>187938276

if I could fuck a voice i'd fuck chiwa's voice

>> No.187936219
Quoted By: >>187936331


>> No.187936331
Quoted By: >>187936375

You have to go back.

>> No.187936375
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No u

>> No.187936983
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>> No.187937020

Only based post in this thread.

>> No.187937068

"I ordered the large. Don't mind that they mixed it up with some chocolate tho."

>> No.187937971
Quoted By: >>187939471

Imagine dating a cockwhore like Kuro who'll jerk the guy off next to her when you watch the movies together.

>> No.187938276

Good taste, but for me it's Sawashiro.

>> No.187939351
File: 71KiB, 1280x684, big_1488832983_image.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Clever girl.

>> No.187939471
File: 1MiB, 1791x2520, 1530775683441.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

That's kind of hot.

>> No.187939581

How the fuck is this cocksucker not banned yet?

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