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Shingeki no Kyojin is the best shounen manga off all time.

Prove me wrong

Pro tip : You can't

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*blocks your path*

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God I can’t wait until they go to their child’s (Gabi Jaeger Braun) and adopted child’s (Falco Jaeger Braun Grice) wedding! They have raised such fine kids together <333 you can really tell where they got their genetics (mental illness) from!

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Huntards, don't start the thread with shitposting.

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>manga sales dropped volume by volume
>anime sales dropped season by season
>fanbase full of degenerated cHAds, shipperfags, fujos, pedos and jews
>abandoned by wit
dead series

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>Still outselling Hiatus X Hiatus

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mediocre at best, fans of attack on titan pretend you need to be 300iq to enjoy it same as huntercucks, but aot fanbase is worse by far

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Reiner will FUCK this smelly hobo!

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Hunterchads rise up

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*cough cough*

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Technically the pedo is the property of the NGE threads since he came from there originally

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True until the basement reveal.

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Marley arc is really good and the current arc can become the best of all

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shit is a slog to read through. hurts because i'm sure there's great story, but far too many chapters of boring dialogue.

i'll accept that i'm too brainlet to finish it.

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>it woke up

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Kek, it totally did

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I always thought hunterchads were exaggerating when they talked about how influential HxH is. But now I have to admit it's hard to deny its cultural impact when you consider it inspired world-famous painters.

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HxH > SnK

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*Enters the room*

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The main characters aren't good.

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Depends which mains you're talking about.

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Season 1

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Fuck off

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Offical /a tier list.

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Are you still triggered over a fanart, fujoshit? Do you need a hug?

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>HxH is totally not a shonen!!
>it's also the best "currently running" shonen!!

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That's the thing that made it more kino.

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keep dreaming

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Swap HxH for Yugioh and this would be correct.

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>Using a picture of a sick child for your memes
You SnKfags have no morality.

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Hero Academia is the best Shonen

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Watch the other seasons and then read the manga from chapter 51.

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Based Herochad

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Deku is insufferable, he gets a tiny bit of progression when he gets his powers only to lose it when he goes to school, he becomes a huge faggot again. Dropped after that happened.

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Found the falseflaggers

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What killed the hype?

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This morning, I woke up to some terrible news. Some of my fellow chads and mentors, who hugely shaped my view on life, literature, art and many other things, have passed away.
I’ve never met someone as equally impressive, smart and grounded as these enlightened thinkers.
It is not that common at this stage of our evolution to have humans who can shape our intellect, interests, and our whole credo in such a limited time-frame.

While we were originally brought together for a common cause to put an end to a mediocre board filled with wrong teachings, I soon began to learn from their views, perspectives and their wealth of knowledge. That will always be fundamental for my understanding of the world.
I hope that everyone, when such people cross their paths, never take proven chads like my mentors for granted. I certainly never did, and never will.

To every chad who didn't live long to see the return of our beloved thinker, Yoshihiro Togashi. Remember that, "You carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you."

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>prove me wrong

Reasons why HxH is the uncrowned king of Shonen Jump:

>1) Author is not biased towards his main characters.
>2) Seamlessly weaves in and out out of genres, going from tournaments to mob wars to MMORPGs to the epic rise and fall of an entire civilization to politics and a new era of exploration and colonialism
>3) Fights and conflicts are well written. Motion and stances are given extra attention. Psychology, tactics and information warfare are all a big factor.
>4) Togashi is willing to delve deeper into his themes, instead of just putting stuff at face value like how One Piece does it with slavery,cannibalism etc. Example the big bad with the incredibly high powerlevel was killed by a cheap NUKE, deconstructing the concept of powerlevels.
>5) Female characters can look extremely pretty with a different set of looks. No sameface syndrome unlike Oda.
>6) Explores far more types of stories and challenges, making his work both interesting to read and very unpredictable. Biology, history, language, adventure, exploration, culture, video games, ruins, medicine, philosophy, math, toys, nerd hobbies, wildlife preservation, etc etc.

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Reminder that the Erwinfujo is Hunterfags queen. She won

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Now fuck off both Hunterfags and Snkfags

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Hheh I like you, better than more fujo shit. About to start HxH 1999 version

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It’s a good watch

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Sex with Gabi

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Damn EMcuck stop being so pathetic, you are worse than the Porcofag

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its not shonen.
I win

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Reiner breaddd
Reminder to only post in generals rather than shitty b8 threads

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>/snk/ is being raided by HxHfags and Herofags

>mfw the pregnancy is still the most significant cultural event of this decade in Japan and worldwide.

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back to >>/lit/

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Maybe, the fujos are trolling other fanbase so they invade the threads in case Isayama reveals Eren is the father.

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